45th Composite Squadron
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The 45th Mission Statement

Composite Squadron 45 is dedicated to the missions of Civil Air Patrol: Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs and Emergency Services. We are committed to providing our Cadets and Senior Members with the best possible CAP experience by providing opportunities to learn and grow through their involvement in programs and projects sponsored at all levels of Civil Air Patrol.


The 45th is a dynamic organization that benefits from the skills and experiences of its members. Cadet leadership plays a central role in the organization and implementation of our unit’s activities. Senior members provide logistical and practical support of the goals established by the Cadets. Teamwork and mentorship is a key feature of our squadron. Both Cadets and Senior members are given the opportunities and resources to make progress in professional development and leadership skills through their participation in squadron activities. Members are encouraged to expand their involvement in CAP beyond our squadron through participation in Group, Wing, Region and National programs.


The 45th seeks to maintain the highest standards of Civil Air Patrol. The core values of integrity, volunteer service, excellence and respect for all are integrated into the activities and interactions that occur in our unit. The squadron leadership takes responsibility to remain current with CAP rules and regulations and to share that information with all squadron members. The 45th helps to make Cadets great followers and strong leaders, with the confidence and courage to take on life and be successful at anything they want to do. In addition, our squadron promotes the values of academic success, family and community service.



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