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45CS Cadet Orientation Flight - May 22, 2021

THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!  Yesterday, (May 22, 2021)  45CS conducted not one but two orientation flights!  For the first orientation flight, we had CADET Drewitz and CADET Gallo, whom were very much excited to go up as this was their first flight!  Cadets met up at 0900 and had a brief ground introduction presented by Capt. Tillekeratne.  Then CADET Drewitz and CADET Gallo flew out towards Hemet where they touched down and switched seats.  When asked how was their flight, both Cadets had thoroughly enjoyed their time in the air!  For the second orientation flight, we had C/SrA Wilson and CADET Johnson who already had their first orientation flight.  They had a pleasant time with the first orientation flight they wanted to get back up in the air for their second!  Cadets met up at 1300 and Capt. Tillekeratne briefed C/SrA Wilson and CADET Johnson on charts and the airspace.  C/SrA Wilson and CADET Johnson flew out towards Brackett Field where they touched down and switched seating.  Prior to their return flight back, C/SrA Wilson and CADET Johnson got to learn about turns and coordinated turns.  Special thanks to Million Air and their amazing staff!


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