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45CS Monday Meeting - May 3, 2021

Tonight (May 3, 2021) was an inspiring evening at Squadron!  Cadets had an exercise in Wingman Safety.  One cadet was blindfolded while the other was giving direction and there was a rod between them and they had to work safely together to get to another location without dropping the rod that was between them.  They demonstrated exactly how important it is to trust your wingman.  Maj. Benner and Maj. Stout spoke upcoming events at Squadron and finally our very own C/MSgt Zachary Field was awarded with a very special award this evening.  He was awarded the Air Force Sergeants Association Award.  This award is presented to a third or fourth year cadet who is in the top 25% of their class, and demonstrates outstanding qualities in military leadership, discipline, character, and citizenship.  Congratulations C/MSgt Zachary Field on earning this prestigious award!!!!!

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