45th Composite Squadron
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New Deputy Commander of Seniors

We welcome 2d Lt Scott Field as our new Deputy Commander for Seniors.

Effective immediately, 2d Lt Scott Field has been assigned as the new Deputy Commander for Senior
Members. I have worked with Mr. Field on several occasions, and known him for some time, both
with Civil Air Patrol and outside the Unit. He has proven to me to be an upstanding, hard working and
dedicated member. His ethics and moral values are top notch. I have some very ambitious goals with
Squadron 45, and a person of his character and attitude fits the bill perfectly. Please help me in
welcoming him to a challenging new position in our unit.

Seniors, with that said.. I am going to expect a lot of ALL of my Senior members. Please touch base
with Mr. Field and advise him with where you are and what you are doing for Squadron 45 in your
current position.

I expect us all to learn a lot and do a lot of growing in our CAP professional fields. Let’s all polish
things up, and do as much as we can to prepare to hit the ground running when physical meetings start


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