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Promotion Ceremony and "Super Cool" STEM Night

Last night (April 5, 2021) was a very busy night at 45th Composite Squadron.  We had our first in-person Promotion Ceremony and "Super Cool" STEM Night.  Maj. Benner kicked off the evening speaking to our special guests and members.  Maj. Garbutt and Maj. Stout also spoke.  Capt. Tillekeratne was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening.  The ceremony started off with C/2dLt Sergio Nunez receiving the General Billy Mitchell Award, C/Capt. Henrie Emerson receiving the Amelia Earhart Award, and 1st Lt. Talley was promoted to Capt.  There was a brief intermission for 15 minutes.  Capt. Talley spoke to potential senior members about the benefits of the senior program with Civil Air Patrol while Maj. Benner demonstrated the importance of safety with hazardous materials concerning liquid nitrogen and its properties and traits.  We concluded the night with closing remarks and Cadet Erick Strege being promoted to C/Amn.  CONGRADULATIONS GENTLEMEN! 


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