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45CS Monday Meeting - June 27, 2022

It was a sad Monday evening at the "nest" for the "Hawks".  Two of our "Hawks" are leaving the "nest".  1st Lt Amber M Smith and C/MSgt Tobias Michael Smith.  1st Lt Amber M Smith has played a very essential and crucial role within the "nest".  She has been an absolutely amazing Safety teacher!  All the sessions that were taught by her were very interactive and educational.  C/MSgt Tobias Michael Smith who quickly moved through the ranks and was always there to lend a hand to his fellow "Hawks".  We appreciate all that these two "Hawks" have done and they both will be missed dearly.  In recognition of their efforts, Commander Gillette presented both with a framed "Hawk" shirt signed by the "nest" and a special Squadron 45 Challenge Coin.  Once a "Hawk", always a "Hawk".  

Commander Gillette was presented with a special Group 3 Challenge Coin for his absolutely amazing ongoing efforts with the "nest" by Group 3 Commander, Maj. Ken Benner.

SM Julia Firnkoess, SM William Young, SM Rachele Hicks were all presented with a special Group 3 Challenge Coin for their efforts with the Utah Encampment.  Escorting our Cadet "Hawks" to and from California to Utah!  Thank you!!!  





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