45th Composite Squadron
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45CS Monday Meeting - October 3, 2022

This evening was a very special one for the "Hawks".  The stars were shining brightly as many of our Cadet "Hawks" were promoted!  We had Cadet Trevor A. Firnkoess promoted to C/A1C, Cadet Ryan F Guzman promoted to C/SrA, Cadet Ava Firnkoess promoted to C/SSgt achieving her first cadet milestone with the Wright Brothers Achievement Award and becoming our newest Cadet Non Commissioned Officer.  Cadet Cole Hausman promoted to C/MSgt, Cadet William Schott promoted to C/SMSgt, C/2ndLt Sakda Berg recipient of the Billy Mitchell Award, Cadet Henrie Emerson promoted C/Maj (which only 2% of Cadets achieve!).  Then for our Senior "Hawks", TSgt Salvatore LaManna recipient of the California Wing Squadron Historian of the Year award and the Commander's Commendation Award!  Lastly, the "Hawks" of the 45th were awarded the Quality Cadet Unit Award!  Congratulations to these hard working and amazing "Hawks" !!! Go 45!! 

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