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45CS Cadet O Rides - June 20 - June 21, 2023

(June 20 - June 21, 2023)  Now that summer is in full swing, one must be wondering what are the "Hawks" doing?  Well, they have just been "soaring" higher and higher!  Our two Senior "Hawks", Capt. Tillekeratne and 2nd Lt. Brannan took some of our Cadet "Hawks" on what is called an O' Ride.  If you're wondering, what is an "O' Ride"?  An "O' Ride" is an orientation flight.  By being a member of the Civil Air Patrol, cadets that are in the program are given the opportunity to experience flight!  The "Hawks" that went up on these two days were:  C/SRA B. McMeans, C/SRA T. McMeans, CTF C. Van Der Linden, C/A1C Meehan, S/SSgt Lopez, and CTF C. Carrillo.  Now, I'm sure that you are wondering if these "Hawks" had an amazing time, just ask and I'm sure that they will tell you that the sky is the limit! 


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