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45CS Monday Meeting - June 5, 2023

(June 5, 2023) Monday was an incredibly busy evening at the "nest" (when is it really ever not busy?!).  These "Hawks" were "flying" everywhere!  Being that it is the beginning of the month, everyone at the "nest" attended the monthly safety briefing, which was about staying safe during summer activities.  After the briefing, cadet "Hawks" "flew" outside for their monthly inspections.  Monthly inspections included things like like personal appearance, garments, accoutrements, footwear, and military bearing.  It's also Week 3 for our CTF 2023-2 group.  Our CTF 2023-2 group are continuing to learn many new things like learning the different positions and how to be properly distanced from one another when in formation.  Senior pilot "Hawks" had a meeting discussing Form 5 items.  Commander "Hawk" was giving a presentation explaining some items that may come up with some parents of our future "Hawks" in the making!  The evening concluded with our monthly promotions ceremony.  The promotions ceremony ended with C/A1C K. Curran, C/CMSgt A. Firnkoess, C/MSgt T. Firnkoess, C/MSgt R. Guzman, C/A1C G. Simpson, and C/A1C A. Williams being pinned with their new rank.  Lastly, the "Hawks" had a very special guest, Riverside County's Sheriff's department Chad Bianco, presenting C/LtCol H. Emerson with the Ira C. Eaker Award!!!  There is absolutely no stopping these "Hawks"!  The sky is the limit!  Go 45!!  Go Hawks!!!!!





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