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45CS Monday Meeting - October 2, 2023

What are the "Hawks" up to now at the "nest"?  This evening began week 4 for our CTF group.  They practiced being wingmen to their partner who was blind and they were communicating certain commands guiding them.  They were connected by a rod (which they could not drop while being directed).  There were 3 groups.  This course is known as the Cadet Wingman course.  There was also ongoing cadet "Hawk" inspections and our senior "Hawks" were doing some training.  This evening was also Safety night.  Senior "Hawk" Capt. Alg gave a presentation on the dangers of Halloween candy and making sure to check that there was no tampering with the packaging.  She also gave a first aid lesson demonstrating what to do if a baby or a young child is choking on something.  The night ended with promotions:  (insert promotions here).  Talk about yet another busy evening at the "nest"!



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